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Coordination of Benefits (COB) Verification
If you are covered by more than one health insurance plan, please complete this form to help ensure that your future health insurance claims are processed correctly.

COB determines which plan is responsible for paying a claim first (primary) and which plan is responsible for paying a claim second (secondary).

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Medical Loss Ratio Information

The Affordable Care Act requires health insurers in the individual and small group markets to spend at least 80 percent of the premiums they receive on health care services and activities to improve health care quality (in the large group market, this amount is 85 percent). This is referred to as the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) rule or the 80/20 rule. If a health insurer does not spend at least 80 percent of the premiums it receives on health care services and activities to improve health care quality, the insurer must rebate the difference.

A health insurer’s Medical Loss Ratio is determined separately for each State’s individual, small group and large group markets in which the health insurer offers health insurance. In some States, health insurers must meet a higher or lower Medical Loss Ratio. No later than August 1, 2014, health insurers must send any rebates due for 2013 and information to employers and individuals regarding any rebates due for 2013.

Physicians Plus had a Medical Loss Ratio for 2013 that met or exceeded the required Medical Loss Ratio. For more information on Medical Loss Ratio and your health insurer’s Medical Loss Ratio, visit

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MyChart® provides secure online access to portions of your medical records with Meriter Medical Group (if you have a MMG PCP), or UW Health (if you have a UW Health PCP).

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Summary of Benefits & Coverage (SBC)
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