Pharmacy Services


Physicians Plus members must fill specialty medications at Meriter Outpatient Pharmacy, Accredo Specialty Pharmacy, or select UW pharmacies.

Physicians Plus will directly notify members and their prescribers who have filled specialty medications at pharmacies outside the Physicians Plus Specialty Pharmacy Network of this change.  This notification will also provide instructions how to transition to this specialty pharmacy network. A specialty drug list is available HERE. Physicians Plus has created a Specialty Pharmacy webpage to further explain specialty pharmacy.  Physicians Plus has also created a FAQ to help answer your most common questions.

Please call Physicians Plus Pharmacy Services at (608) 260-7803 if you have further questions.


Click here to view the formulary and step therapy criteria for large group plans, small group plans, Health Insurance Marketplace individual and family plans as well as off-exchange individual and family plans.

Oral Contraceptives Formulary

Detailed Oral Contraceptives Formulary listing 

Learn to Use Your Inhaler 

Information discussing an online learning tool for those who use inhalers

Rx Manager in MyChart

In MyChart, click RxManager to review your drug formulary, prescription drug history, and view drug cost comparisons. It’s especially useful for helping you choose lower-cost drugs or those with lower copays. Visit Rx Manager to check what a prescription might cost before you go to the pharmacy.

You must have or sign up for a MyChart account to use Rx Manager.

Initiate a Prior Authorization*

Contact the Physicians Plus Pharmacy Services team to initiate a prior authorization for a formulary exception:

Tablet Splitting Program

Save up to 50% on out-of-pocket costs for Crestor.

Ask your doctor to write you a new prescription for the double strength version of Crestor, then use a tablet splitter to cut the larger dose in half. The half tablet is equal to your usual dose. Your copay will also be cut in half (for example, a $20 brand copay is reduced to $10).

Not sure how a tablet splitter works? Click here to learn more.

Drug Reimbursement Claim Form

Use this Drug Reimbursement Claim Form whenever your pharmacy is unable to directly process your prescription.

Meriter Outpatient Pharmacy

The Meriter Hospital Outpatient Pharmacy is located in the hospital's main lobby. The Outpatient Pharmacy's phone number is (608) 417-6009.


If you have questions about which drug benefit is available to you, please call us at (608) 260-7803 and we will assist you. Copay amounts are printed on your Physicians Plus membership card. Present your Physicians Plus membership card to any participating pharmacy; our pharmacy network includes over 50,000 participating pharmacies across the United States.

We also offer several programs to help you make more informed choices about prescription drugs.


*Physicians Plus has an expedited exception request procedure for non-formulary drugs that a member, member designee, pharmacy, or prescriber may initiate in exigent circumstances. Exigent circumstances exist when a member is suffering from a health condition that may seriously jeopardize the member's life, health, or ability to regain maximum function or when a member is undergoing a current course of treatment using the non-formulary drug. An expedited exception coverage determination will be handled within 24 hours when all the required information is provided. An expedited request should be clearly documented as an "Expedited Non-Formulary Exception Request."