Empowered Solutions

What will Empowered Solutions products do for the small business owner (available to groups with 10 or more employees)?
  • Return of Unused Claim Funds Because a claims fund – the pool of money from which all claims are paid – is established up front, there is an opportunity to get money back at the end of the year. In short, when claims are lower than expected, we'll return the difference to you or apply it to the next year's claims fund.
  • No Unexpected Risk All of our products will use a level-funding approach. Employers make one payment each month, just like traditional insurance premium payments, so expenses are known up front, with no surprises. If claims exceed the amount in your claims fund, stop-loss insurance (part of our package) covers the difference.
  • PPACA Fee & Tax Savings Self-funding health insurance benefits eliminates or minimizes many PPACA-mandated fees and taxes.
  • Your Experience Counts Unlike traditional insurance plans under PPACA, medical underwriting is allowed with self-funded plans. A health employee population holds down utilization and employer costs; healthy groups are underwritten as such and pay lower rates.
  • Flexibility Employers are empowered to choose the best benefit design for their situation and are not constrained by the limited choices of fully insured, PPACA-compliant plans.
  • Awareness Businesses deploying self-funded benefit plans “own” their plan and have access to claims data that can help identify trends and kick-start improvements to their group’s performance.
And of course, Empowered Solutions plans include everything you've come to expect from Physicians Plus: the area's broadest provider network with access to all the providers and facilities of UW Health (beginning 1/1/15), Meriter and many unique independent practices; access to care when you need it through same-day and next-day appointments at most Meriter clinics; and innovative health and wellness programs and medical management practices.

Earn money back; No unexpected risk; Eliminate or minimize many PPACA fees and taxes — That's Empowered Solutions.

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