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MobileNurse is a new, free, easy-to-use medical information application available on the iPhone App Store and Google Play.

RxManager Tutorial: How to Register

The new RxManager app allows members to manage their medications and more. In this tutorial, learn how to register when using the app for the first time.

RxManager Tutorial: Basic Navigation

Learn about the basic navigation and the "My Profile" function within the RxManager app.

RxManager Tutorial: Medications and Claims

An overview of the My Medications function, including Claim History and Claim Summary. Also featured is viewing your prescription history and researching generic and alternative drug pricing.

RxManager Tutorial: Drug Lookup

A basic overview of the drug lookup / drug pricing search function within the RxManager app. Learn how to research prescription drug costs specific to your coverage, and view alternative/generic drug pricing.

RxManager Tutorial: Conditions and Immunizations

The RxManager app allows you to look up health conditions, and track your immunizations.


Cooper was born prematurely, then spent over five weeks in neonatal intensive care. Cooper's parents talk about the service they received from Physicians Plus along the way.

Extraordinary Healthcare, Everyday

Dr. Laurence Rothstein, Physicians Plus Chairman of the Board, explains how Physicians Plus delivers Extraordinary Healthcare, Everyday.

Dr. Cardwell: It's Easy with Physicians Plus

Doctor Michael Cardwell talks about how easy it is to work with Physicians Plus both as a doctor and as a member.

Care & Coverage

Linda Hoff, President of Physicians Plus, talks about our strong commitment to community-based, world-class, healthcare coverage. Coverage that is exceptional and affordable.

Digital Coaching Sessions

Digital coaching sessions are unique to each individual user because the sessions are based on their personal health histories, practices and goals. 

Toe to Crown

We've got you covered, toe to crown.

Get the Gist

Find an ophthalmologist, pediatric pulmonologist, the perfect hematologist, a great endocrinologist get the gist.

Better Choices

With the largest provider group in Madison and south central Wisconsin, Physicians Plus President Linda Hoff highlights excellent access to care.